bei tou zou de na wu nian

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He Man, after a car accident, loses the memory of the past five years of her life. Her last memories of her life were during her honeymoon and when she was deeply in love with her husband, Xie Yu. Currently, however, she discovers that they are divorced and that her life is completely different from before. He Man sets out to find out how and why things became the way they did.

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pyapi 20 Jan, 2014
Definitely not what I expected after reading the summary. Watch at your own risk, I guess.
makiru 30 Jan, 2014
It has a lot of cute moments, and they made such an adorable couple! but in the middle of the movie it becomes so overly dramatic until the point I couldn't take it serious at the end.
p3rk3le 21 Mar, 2014
it would have been a better movie if it didnt go that far...
at least after the surgery, she should either get well -happy ending- or die -sad ending-.
It was just too much. Funny, cute, romantic, sad, tragic... Not what I had in mind when I started watching.. pity.
addy1884 23 Apr, 2014
minimiau 03 May, 2014
Is very sad. And I expected a different develop of the story not what I saw.
danisensei 13 Mar, 2018
He Man? Isn't that the Prince of Eternia? LOL
beautifur 30 Jun, 2018
This one destroyed me. My heart is forever broken.