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Lu Tian Xing is an advertising genius and the CEO of Tian Ji Advertisement. After losing all of his inspiration and belief in advertising he decides to take a hiatus. Tao Le Si has taken over her late brother's advertisement company, Oz. However, she's not very good at managing the company and Oz falls into crisis. Through a twist of events Lu Tian Xing is recruited to help with the filming of an Oz advertisement, and he soon realizes the trouble that Oz (the company that started his interest in advertising) is in. Lu Tian Xing, disguising himself as Xiao Lu, infiltrates Oz to help them out of their slump and help Tao Le Si discover how creative she really is. All the while, he has to hide his true identity and fight his feelings for Tai Le Si.

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zetkaaaaa 05 Apr, 2014
I can't wait ^.^
mradke 06 Apr, 2014
Can't wait! ~ :3
tenshitoakuma 09 Apr, 2014
Fall In Love With Me??
I already did long time ago Aaron..~~
termani 26 Apr, 2014
Great drama :)
sillysym 29 Apr, 2014
Aaron is too hot
limenora 29 Apr, 2014
I can't handle Aaron's sexiness... x)
limenora 21 May, 2014
I wonder when will the OST come out. I'm already in love with 2-3 songs, I've been looking them everywhere but still can't find them.
natalyusha 26 May, 2014
For a long time I didn't watch so interesting and fascinating drama ^^
Aaron so cute *O*