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Lu Tian Xing is an advertising genius and the CEO of Tian Ji Advertisement. After losing all of his inspiration and belief in advertising he decides to take a hiatus. Tao Le Si has taken over her late brother's advertisement company, Oz. However, she's not very good at managing the company and Oz falls into crisis. Through a twist of events Lu Tian Xing is recruited to help with the filming of an Oz advertisement, and he soon realizes the trouble that Oz (the company that started his interest in advertising) is in. Lu Tian Xing, disguising himself as Xiao Lu, infiltrates Oz to help them out of their slump and help Tao Le Si discover how creative she really is. All the while, he has to hide his true identity and fight his feelings for Tai Le Si.

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litaap 10 Sep, 2014
I don't understand why some people didn't like this drama o:
Ok, it was a little bit draggy since the middle but it's just the same thing in every single drama (either Korean, Japanese or Taiwanese dramas) !!
I think the storyline was really interesting, i liked all the characters and their development along the drama because they made it look like natural events on friendship, love or work... I even liked Huan Huan, even though I think the part where she was all stubborn to marry Tian Xing at any cost with all the crying, screaming and stuff was so irritating and unnecessary... but i'm already used to it on Taiwanese dramas, so it's ok to me already (:

Aaaahhh... Aaron Yan, you're always so sexy *0* kkk
Seriously, Aaron is such a good actor in my opinion... He can turn a "common" drama into a special one anytime ! Not to mention that he is such a great singer too ! :D

The OST is perfect ! The opening song and the song "unwanted love" is pure perfection <3

I recommend this drama !
kacyleong 07 Oct, 2014
ninacorrea 18 Nov, 2014
you can ********
kamilles 27 May, 2016
A really good drama until
Huan Huan blackmailed Lu Tian Xing... And wtf, why did he seriously marry her???