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Shan Shan is a very cute, energetic and enthusiastic person, who loves to eat. She ends up getting tangled in her boss' life due to having a rare blood type his sister also has.

Schedule: three consecutive episodes from Monday to Friday (19:30-20:20, 20:20-21:10, 21:10-22:00); two consecutive episodes on Saturday and Sunday]

Other versions have 33 episodes only.

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stabinsavvi 07 Oct, 2014
Ok episode 16, 17 and 18 really pissed me off! Anyone else?

I hope it gets better b/c the first 15 episodes were really good!
ally 18 Nov, 2014
The sinopsis of this drama looked really weak, but because everyone was talking about how cute the storyline was, I decided to give it a shot.

So, it's about the typical rich, cold boss who falls in love with a dumb, poor girl. But they fall in love in the most un-romantic way ever. I can't believe they created a drama in base on that! And not only that, but the guy managed to remain cold and un-romantic all the way! Their relationship was not cute at all, it was more like I-own-you relationship.

The other characters were meh. The good thing about this is that there was no evil mother, jealous rich female friend or the sweet second-lead guy. There were real characters with more-or-less real problems.
karinchen 22 Oct, 2015
It just a simple sweet lovestory. and yes it is a typcial rich cool boss fall in love with a poor girl, but it's really funny to watch. I've seen far more boring and terribile dramas.
eriinnye 12 Nov, 2015
@ally I have the feeling that we saw two different dramas.
I thought that the couple had a great chemistry and looked really natural together. The lead also wasn't cold, maybe he isn't the most romantic guy, but he expressed his love for her quite well!
thinktieng 01 Jan, 2016
its nice to watch, without stress.
i just keep watching.
lisa 09 Aug, 2016
Ep 2. I'm already regretting giving this a try... I really wanted an easy and light romantic drama but this one seems really weak. Tell me it gets better..

Why is that boss already falling for the girl? Like... they barely interact. He saw her doing a weird dance and BOOM he's so in love with her? wth ?
somiboo 29 Nov, 2017
@eriinnye I agree with you. The leads looked really good together. Natural. And the lead wasn't as cold as I've seen people say he is, especially since you could always tell what he was feeling. It was great to see he didn't have this stoic, unreadable face.
somiboo 30 Nov, 2017
that's not why/when he fell in love with her. That's just when he started to take note of her...she asked him all about it too and he told her the exact moment he fell for her and why