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Zhang Mo Sheng comes back from the US after seven years and nearly instantly runs into He Yi Chen. Back in their university days he was her boyfriend, whom she chased for a long time before they finally dated. Then a misunderstanding happened and she suddenly left the country without a word. It seems like it's long over between them, but this reunion might prove her wrong.

[Schedule: two consecutive episodes (19:30-20:20; 20:20-21:10) every day]

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arfeiniel 30 Sep, 2015
Great start, but eventually the story drags unbearably.
eriinnye 20 Oct, 2017
I liked the main couple and most of the characters, since they seemed quite real and they weren`t written in a black or white manner. Unfortunately @arfeiniel is right, the story drags a lot and I skipped a lot since my main focus was on the main couple. They had great chemistry by the way.

I would probably give it a 7 out of 10 and therefore I rated it just "good". Means it didn't blow my mind but I don't regret watching it either.