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Hatori is the heroine of this story. She always dreamt of getting together with her childhood friend, Rita. But to her despair, he soon gets a girlfriend and she is left alone. However, the most popular boy in school takes notice of her.

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thekoikoi 17 Aug, 2015
This manga was awesome so I can't wait to watch the movie <3~
misekeith 10 Mar, 2016
This was surprisingly pretty entertaining. Mirei was playing exactly the same character she always has, so everything was safe on her side. Kentaro, well... he seems to have found himself playing always the role of the player. Kento had practically two lines - all of this to say that they were all pretty decent.
The script was so well-thought, meta and funny it made me want to read the manga. Unfortunately, towards the ending
everything turns back solidly shojo, so nothing really revolutionary,
but I am nonetheless pretty satisfied of the useless two hours I have spent watching it.
watashiwachiaki 18 Mar, 2016
probably the best shoujo live action movie I've seen!!
aqu135 20 Mar, 2016
it was ok...had some funny moments at the beginning
ralphina 23 Mar, 2016
Surprisingly good adoption.
taekyul893 12 Apr, 2016
She ended up with the wrong guy imo, still I understand her.
Random chan 16 Apr, 2016
I think that I've read the original but I'm not 100% sure so I couldn't compare it as an adaptation but overall, it was a typically overacted, averagely shot and pretty cliché overall work. If not for the bad acting, it would have maybe gotten 2 stars for being the most average thing I've watched in a while... but acting is so terrible, I just can't XD.
keepingbreath 22 Apr, 2016
She ended up with the wrong guy imo, still I understand her.[2]