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Qi Bai Cao trains in matrial arts. Soon, she meets three men, Ruo Bai, a coach of martial arts, Fang Ting Hao, a capable fighter, and Yu Chu Yuan, a man who has given up the path of the art of fighting. Each of them becomes an important part of her life, both professionally and socially. However, only one manages to win her heart.

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kirtil 11 Aug, 2016
it was ok but I watched a lot of old martial arts movies while growing up and I couldn't get over how they step on dojo floor with whatever shoes they are wearing and masters wearing watches jewelry etc during training segments.

Badly choreographed/acted fight/competition scenes didn't help also.

I think I would have given average rating without the shoe thing.
bicca 22 Jun, 2017
somiboo 25 Nov, 2017
I'm trying really hard to watch this....the female lead character...very hard to stomach.