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No.1 Qingtian Street is a hitman who, under the guise of a laundry service, works for his lady boss, A Gu. But recently, there has been a problem in his way that hinders him from getting his job done, namely that he sees ghosts. To understand how to get rid of them, he seeks the help of Lin Xiang.

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kirtil 25 Apr, 2016
in one word; meh.

tried to pack a little bit of everything and came up short on all. not enough action, not enough comedy, not enough nothing, a lot of missed opportunities.

Characters were interesting but that's about it.
dollstar 08 Jun, 2016
Some neat ideas and characters here, but yes, I agree with the previous comment that the "everything but the kitchen sink" approach hurt the movie. It had a lot of dramatic potential and it gradually veered into pretty sad territory, but the dark comedic tone and constant mish-mash of genres never allowed the movie to leave a mark emotionally. Good cinematography and a pretty good effort for a first feature film. With a bit more focus and character development it could have been more than just a fairly entertaining film.