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Hundred years ago, the fire and ice tribes have been in constant conflict. However, despite currently not engaging in war, the tribes still have much tension between them. Ka Suo, a soft hearted but wise prince who does not wish there to be conflict, ends up involved in the newly boiling conflict between the two tribes.

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Random chan 12 Aug, 2016
Lol, this is so silly XDDD.
anji 28 Sep, 2016
this is actually some good stuff, sure the scenery looks off sometimes but it is really entertaining and lovely to watch!
r0lan 18 Oct, 2016
so i saw one of my fav taiwanese composer (V.K) is composing its soundtrack and that is why this is on my to-watch list for now haha
somiboo 14 Dec, 2016
Its fun, I enjoyed it. Silly, good action, beautiful costumes, AMAZING OST...all around fun.
cyryna 14 Sep, 2017
It's very cool to watch it. I can't wait for the second part. :D
nanuklein 20 Feb, 2019
Dropped it, didn't really catch me.