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Gang Yeon Du is the leader of the Real King dance club at a prestigious high school, and also a proud member of the bottom five percent in student ranking. The favourite freetime activity of the cheerful girl and her friends is turning on music and dancing their stress and sorrows away. Much to the dismay of the neighbouring study club, the White Tigers, which consists of the top student of the school, Kim Yeol, his best friend Seo Ha Jun, and a few other good students who are heavily favoured by the school principal and backed up by their influential parents.

Opinions clash and sparks fly heavily when the two clubs are forced to merge into the cheerleading club, the original White Tigers, so that the good students can raise points for college. But spending time together soon brings to light what is really happening in the lives of the teenagers: parents who are abusive and build up too much pressure, greedy politicians and a principal that only cares about marks and the image of the school, and last but not least the new and foreign emotions that come hand in hand with growing up.

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stellybish 09 Sep, 2015
Eunji & Won Geun!! <3
yuukari 21 Sep, 2015
omg can't wait~~
Eunji & Hakyeon ♡
namstar 01 Oct, 2015
ji soo <3
xylaire 06 Oct, 2015
A promising first episode with endearing characters and a good cast. The plot is nothing new but it's cute and light and still has some depth to it.
Too bad the ratings are really low, I hope they won't cut the episodes or ruin it by changing the writer/PD.
thefreak 11 Oct, 2015
Ohgod, Ji Soo....WAE??!! Q___Q This boy is breaking my heart so much!
nimwoo 12 Oct, 2015
This drama looks so promising. Eunji and Hakyeon's friendship is so cute and Wongeun and Jisoo have become my new favorite bromance couple. I really hope they don't ruin the plot because I'm really expecting a lot from this drama.
xylaire 14 Oct, 2015
I have a ton of feels watching this.
The school pressure can seem very exagerated from a western point of view but from what I heard of exchange students and korean friends it is pretty accurate. It's scary as hell and there's more and more school dramas that tackle such issues ; it must be a real concern in the country.

Anyway I love this drama a lot. EP4 was all kind of cute and heartbreak, it kills me ! <3
stehcamine 28 Oct, 2015