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After a minor car accident, famous lawyer Park Tae Seok suddenly gets diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease. With his memory fading, he struggles to keep his illness a secret while solving cases that are personal to him.

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bayanoh 19 Mar, 2016
It's good so far, but I think it would've been better if it had 10 episodes air once a week
alex3 19 Mar, 2016
its okay so far, buti hope it will become more interesting in time
i also like the concept of a lil evil main lead
bayanoh 19 Mar, 2016
I take it back, I don't think one or even two episodes a week is enough. I'm so looking forward to the 3rd episode!!
yuki89 26 Mar, 2016
It's really good so far and I love, love, love the OST, especially the instrumentals. The only things getting on my nerves
is the fact that he won't tell his family, I mean come on, they're more and more disappointed when he actually has no fault, just tell them already, they're your family.
Looking forward to how the story will develop.
bayanoh 11 Apr, 2016
From only watching the preview, I can tell I will be crying my eyes out in the 9th episode.
Hearing that "Dong Wu keeps coming back to life, but when I wake up he's gone. It will be like hell if from now on I had to live that over and over again" line already brought me to tears.
camk 13 Apr, 2016
It's getting more interesting with each episode. Kudos to Lee Seong Min, he's fantastic !!
cncll 25 Apr, 2016
I'm not gonna be too eloquent but this drama is amazeballs.
deema 05 May, 2016
such an amazing DRAMA !!

love everything from the acting to the story <3

to be honest i really shocked with "Jun Ho" acting !!! he is so professional, emotional and strong actor <3

this drama is getting better by each Ep !