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After a minor car accident, famous lawyer Park Tae Seok suddenly gets diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease. With his memory fading, he struggles to keep his illness a secret while solving cases that are personal to him.

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bayanoh 14 May, 2016
It was really good until the last two episodes..
but it was as a whole worth watching ^^
liyirna 03 Jul, 2016
tvN keeps going strong even after 'Signal'.
wickoo 22 Jul, 2017
Loved the acting and the OST! Sometimes the story gets a bit slow but the main characters are LOVELY!
Personally i was perfectly satisfied with the ending, gives a deep message!
poice 12 Apr, 2019
Wow...for two days I'm having marathon watching this drama. I've just finished episode 12. It amaze me how thrilling the plot is. I thought it would be simple tearjerker but it has AWESOME crime elements. I'm on the edge of my seat and I'm also bawling my eyes out in almost every episode. What a masterpiece drama. I hope more people would watch this gem.
poice 13 Apr, 2019
In the last 10 years I've seen over 220+ dramas and this one just takes the cake. The best drama I've seen so far.
kiyoshi 17 May, 2019
Not brilliant, very nice to watch tho. 4/5 :D