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Hong Ra On has to conceal the fact that she's a girl. To make a living, she uses a fake identity and offers service to those who need a helping hand in their romance. Due to a misunderstanding, one instance leads to her disastrous meeting with a young man, who turns out to be Lee Yeong, the crown prince.

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yokochan 15 Apr, 2016
Kim Yoo-Jung <3 FEMALE LEADING ROLE *______________________________* OMG
berrytm 24 Apr, 2016
omg this cast ;-; <3
vanityfull 13 May, 2016
Sung Jae dropped less reason to watch this drama T_T
shireu 02 Aug, 2016
thankful for gwak dong yeon
babo 23 Aug, 2016
After watching the first episode this seems promising!
etoile 24 Aug, 2016
not exactly what i was expecting but so far it's cute and the leads are very charming. nothing groundbreaking but t's a good easy watch
bayanoh 25 Aug, 2016
My 6 year old nephew knew that Hong Ra On was a girl the moment he saw her, and yet the prince has no idea :)
Kim Yu Jeong is one of the best actresses dressed as a boy tho. In my opinion, I think she comes second after Yun Eun Hye in Coffee Prince who I mistakenly believed she was a boy the first few minutes.
k91710 25 Aug, 2016
I think the first two episodes were cute and funny :)