jiu zhou: hai shang mu yun ji

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Prince Mu Yun Sheng is not loved by his emperor father due to the fact that his mother isn't human. One day, he stumbles upon a painting with a spirit locked inside. He befriends the creature and the two promise to one day search for the most beautiful place on earth.

Mu Ru Han Jiang is Mu Yun Sheng's friend and a son of a famous general, who was responsible for conquering the eight tribes of the Han province. But soon, the two families Mu Ru and Mu Yun begin having disputes amongst themselves.

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alex3 17 Jun, 2016
does someone knows which month it will start airing?
Random chan 17 Jun, 2016
@alex3 chinese dramas often tend to air suddenly. They announce relatively late, probably due to the fact that there is such a huge procedure when it comes to filming, screening and so on in China. A network needs to pick it up first.
alex3 17 Jun, 2016
@Random chan ah i see :( too bad, im really looking forward to see this one and i don't even know how long i must wait. Thank you for the info anyways!
Random chan 17 Jun, 2016
@alex3 Yeah, me too :(. It's always so sad. That's why there are really good looking titles waiting for airing for ages *sigh*. I hope it'll be picked up soon ;_;! There is another really cool title I'm waiting for that doesn't have air date announced yet.
alex3 17 Jun, 2016
@Random chan Yea I have a feeling it will be aired late in 2016 since I'm waiting so much for this :P They know..
Oh, whats the title of the other one?
Random chan 17 Jun, 2016
@alex3 lolol XD.

It's called 'huan cheng', the cinematography and costumes looks super cool based on the trailers :o. Which is the case with this one as well XD. I think they're both higher budget dramas than usual.
alex3 17 Jun, 2016
@Random chan The synopsis looks really interesting, though I saw a trailer and I think the animations are too 'hardcore' for me :P But it's a matter of taste ^^
Random chan 17 Jun, 2016
@alex3 XD I have a soft spot for everything that makes me feel like I'm watching Lord of the Rings even if it's for a tiny bit >D. hoho
But jokes aside, fantasy stuff are usually super low budget and everything ends up looking very ugly =\. I like when there is a bit more money put into costumes and set design etc. I'm not sure how well it will be done there, but I will see as soon as it is released! But between the two... I'm much more looking forward to 'hai shang mu yun ji' *~*.