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Prince Mu Yun Sheng is not loved by his emperor father due to the fact that his mother isn't human. One day, he stumbles upon a painting with a spirit locked inside. He befriends the creature and the two promise to one day search for the most beautiful place on earth.

Mu Ru Han Jiang is Mu Yun Sheng's friend and a son of a famous general, who was responsible for conquering the eight tribes of the Han province. But soon, the two families Mu Ru and Mu Yun begin having disputes amongst themselves.

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alex3 17 Jun, 2016
@Random chan Hah, low budget fantasy animations can be really funny when they are not supposed to :P When I see that I just can't focus on the story even if its really good. Yea, I hope it will turn out better that you excpect and it will be a good watch for you ^^.
Asdhfdjg if you will get any info about the air date, please let my suffering end & let me know!:D
sakurauchiha 21 Oct, 2017
You and your son must both understand that only I am the most vicious animal in this cage.
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