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eyeslikefirefly 08 Nov, 2017
Watched this a few days ago in the theater and overall I really enjoyed it.

I wasn't too sure about Kimura Takuya being cast as Manji, but I think he did a great job capturing the character- both the grunge and the humor. I was surprised to see Toda Erika and Fukushi Souta cast in this movie though. It was weird seeing Souta in a such a bady role- I don't think he really fit it? The look of his character was good, but it was hard making Souta be a believable bad guy.

There are a few random time jumps in the plot, which was a bit weird. So it would help if you've read some of the manga to understand the plot a bit more and why they do some of the random things they do. For example, they did a really good job at making all of Manji's weapons appear in a believable way (for a live action take on a manga, not for reality haha).

And I LOVE Miyavi's song at the end (currently listening to it on repeat XD).

I really hope it gets released to DVD with English subs! I can't wait to watch it again! >
majorzero 12 Nov, 2017
I rather enjoyed it, but it has problems that are hard to overlook. Mainly, the structure of the screenplay is really bad, there's almost no build up to anything and because of the limited screen time most of the villains are flat and their motivation is muddy. The entire film feels like a poorly thought out disjointed set pieces that aren't linked by a coherent storytelling. Neither Sugisaki nor Fukushi showed acting skills.

That being said, the third act is great and Kimura is surprisingly good in the role of Manji. Overall, I'll give it 7/10. Not nearly as good as 13 Assassins, but a fun watch nonetheless.
ynaoblivious 13 Nov, 2017
The whole movie felt very monotonous. I never read this manga, so I had zero background on the whole thing. The story as a whole is quite interesting, but getting through the movie was a bit tedious to get through.