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The second season of It Started With A Kiss. Yuan Xiang Qin and Jiang Zhi Shu have married and are now studying to become a nurse and doctor, respectively. However, their married life is not peaceful as they face a myriad of problems, the least of which are not new rivals, both in love and in their professional lives.

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hunnysenpai 25 May, 2010
i thought it was cute im sad that the story was never really finished though :\ but i still really enjoyed series of it started with a kiss and was sad when it was over :(
yummy 29 May, 2010
It was not that exciting but ok.
Although the end sucked. 50 episodes of a love story and the last scene shows him scratching off dog poop from her shoe?!?! O______O *FAIL*

salam 22 Jul, 2010
Bad =(
handy 24 Jul, 2010
i waited other end ...
erutaiyou 31 Jul, 2010
I loved this. I don't understand why someone would say it's bad.. Sure it wasn't completely finished due to the mangaka's death but I thought the end was perfect. I guess everyone's got a different opinion...
irate 29 Aug, 2010
how can you guys say that the end sucked? like erutaiyou said, it was because of the mangakas death. we cant help it. really, get over it.
lothiriel 30 Aug, 2010
If they had made an alternative ending, everybody would complain that "baaah, this sucks, why did they messed it up, now the mangaka should curse them from heaven"...
From this point of view, it's a word-for-word adaptation, people. Try to accept, even if it hurts.
moosespitz 10 Sep, 2010
amazing chemistry.
i did like tka better than the first season. :)