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Louis grows up in an incredibly rich household and is known worldwide for his ability to get the best prices when he goes shopping. However, despite being so fortunate, he has to live under constant monitoring, barely having any friends and having to deal with people who want to use him. One day, he decides to escape but loses his memory in the process. He meets Go Bok Sil, a girl from the countryside, who teaches him about a different way of life.

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alex3 22 Sep, 2016
the synopsis sounds super cliche and overused but i must at least try 1st episode for Seo In Guk and Yun Sang Hyeon xD
limenora 22 Sep, 2016
The synopsis sounds super cliche and overused, but I must at least try the 1st episode for Seo In Guk and Yun Sang Hyeon [2]

Totally agree with this. :D I watched the first episode, gave me what I expected...:D
kai2kid 23 Sep, 2016
i like it so far
cncll 23 Sep, 2016
It's weird and silly but after ep. 2 I decided to give it a chance. Seo In Guk is killing his character. So adorbs.

But... Yun Sang Hyeon is so dreamy. Why do they have to ruin him with this hair and moustache? >:
cleciane 24 Sep, 2016
sofrendo com o vikipass :(
nimwoo 27 Sep, 2016
Seo In Guk as expected never disappoints *~* he's such a sweetheart in this too, I have to stop the vid from time to time because he is so lovable and cute ;;;;

I'm just curious,
are they going to develop feelings from Sang Hyuk to Ji Hyun? Because damn, that age gap is a nono. She calls him 'ahjussi'. That's just not approachable...
thefreak 29 Sep, 2016
This is so over-the-top hilarious and freaking adorable but at the same time so sad and kinda melancholic.
I laughed and cried a lot while watching the first episode. Great start!
babo 04 Oct, 2016
I think the first episode was just...weird. Both me and my sister was questioning the good response it had gotten. But later on we found ourself really enjoying it while continuing on episodes 2, 3 and 4 and now I'm really looking forward to the next episode!