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Do Bong Sun comes from a family of strong women. Their supernatural strength comes with the rule that if abused, it turns into a curse and they are the ones harmed instead. While some of her foremothers suffered from illnesses, her own mother lost her power after using it to gain money. Bong Sun must survive as this powerful young girl, avoiding fights and pretending to be weak. But when An Min Hyeok discovers her power, he recruits her to become his bodyguard. And together with her childhood crush, In Guk Du, she tries to be helpful in catching a serial kidnapper.

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sidealea 26 Jun, 2016
Bong Soon, again?
stellybish 17 Nov, 2016
OMG!!! Those leads!!!
vanityfull 15 Jan, 2017
Is Ji Soo not going to get the girl again? :(
warmlia 19 Jan, 2017
@vanityfull I think so, poor Ji Soo :( but Hyung Sik is giving me second lead syndrome in Hwarang, he deserves it hahaha
unknown 09 Feb, 2017
@warmlia i agree...poor ji soo...but...i'm having such a second lead syndrome...hyungshik deserves this main role...first male lead...getting the first female lead. He rly derves my.opinion...i like hyungshik a lil bit more than ji soo ( i like him too...but priorities u know? XD)

So glad - i don't have to say goodbye to hyungshik after hwarang ends.♡
sugarpain 25 Feb, 2017
Just watched the first episode. I rly enjoyed watching it, looking forward to the next one! :D
PS. Love the leads!!!
rainandyou 25 Feb, 2017
First ep is so funny! ~~ I liked it a lot. Can't wait for the next one! And I'm definitely rooting for Hyungshik, damn he is so hot xD
sugarpain 26 Feb, 2017
Great, watched both eps and now i have to wait for the next one!! T_T
I rly like it so far. As for Hyung Sik...he's so damn handsome, i just can't... x_x