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milisia 12 Jul, 2016
Well i'm not very into taiwanese dramas, but i can say after first episode it's very promising title. It remindes me ..hmmm..maybe not The Jungle Book or Tarzan itself, but let's say that the beginnig has some similarities to these two titles. One thing just bothers me:
main hero was left in the jungle as a kid...well...he has quite developed vocabulary i can say :P as someone who has almost none to teach him for all this years :P ok we saw some parents's another logic lapse, because why they didn't take him or smt? or it was just his mind playing some tricks?

Anyway it's quite cute, little stupid and naive story so far, but i enjoy first episode, and i can't wait for more :D
alex3 14 Jul, 2016
@milisia as to Tarzan reference - i just can't take it seriously when he's using lianas to travel lol. It looks so funny. But yea, the story seems light, something you would watch in a free time. And the leads are cute.

Anyways, looking forward to the next episodes.