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milisia 12 Aug, 2016
Oh well: before i started watching the movie, i readed a lot of bad stuff about Wu Yi Fan acting. Well, he wasn't great but he wasn't bad either in my opinion. So i don't get why people are bashing him so much. Anyway the whole story was...very typical i can say?
Clash of two worlds, highschool unfulfilled love, separation and then some meeting after few years. To be honest, i was quite annoyed by main heroine way of dealing with things

i get she was having hard family situation, she was feeling maybe not worse, but out of place and didn't belive she wll be able to meet Cheng Zhan environment expectations, but for real? she just cutted everything, before it even started :/

Ok Cheng Zhen was also very "pushy" , but somehow i belived him :P

Anyway: nice, maybe not amazing romance story. Some parts was cute, annoying or simple bad, or boring, but overall i enjoyed it. Ending: i get the point, but i was little dissapointed :P
kartofell 13 Aug, 2016
It was really nice story. cute and funny. Wu Yi Fan acting make me smile . It's worth watching . the ending it's a bit unclear but i found some deleted scenes from a movie. The ending was good
they will get together at again
milisia 14 Aug, 2016
@kartofell thanks for the ending link! now i'm feeling much better seeing it <3
bishojo 17 Aug, 2016
I have already seen this movie 2 times...
I don't know ... I was hoping for something more.
And it is really sad that some scenes were taken off ;/
I liked acting of Yi Fan (yes..I watched this because of him), but this movie was not for him (he should play in more mature/serious movies on my opinion).
Yes, it was fun, but all in all this movie looked like it's missing something, like it was not completed... I give it 6,5/10
frannam 17 Dec, 2016
Só me serviu para passar raiva com os protagonistas e com o final!
archiejowist 20 Jul, 2017
Just watched the movie and quite liked it. These days, I find Chinese films appealing to me more and more, I just love the atmosphere a lot of the directors make the movie have.

Liu Yi Fei is a great actress and I enjoyed watching her performance in this movie - her character is your typical poor girl, who tries to be independent, but she doesn't rely on the male lead like a lot of others do. Although I liked that she didn't just blindly follow the male lead when she had her family problems, she really got me roll my eyes a few times, mainly because she just wanted you to scream "stop" and "oh my god, can't you just confront him instead of staying silent?!".

I liked how in the end their roles were turned around. Because Cheng Zheng always pursued Yunjin,
it was a great turn when in the end she followed him overseas to find him and try to get back with him again.
I think that it was the last thing that finally have shown us that she was liking him seriously, too.

Wu Yi Fan, oh my goodness, though. I like him as a person, but his character *looks to the sky, hands form claws, groans* Okay, I'm going to start with a praise: Yi Fan is a good actor, doesn't much overdo things and you aren't frustrated with his acting like you do with most singers-turned-actors, he is getting better with each project he takes on. Okay, on to the character he plays: a rich boy that isn't arrogant (finally). He is your Prince Charming (or the writer tries to show you this through the scenes where he tries to help YunJin) and is cute and nice and birds are singing. (To his highschool self: why do you have such stupid friends, I want to scream!!!) BUT. I couldn't really get to like him?? Here are the reasons and I hope I was not the only one to actually half-dislike this character:

He is freaking abusive sometimes???? Like, what the???
He doesn't take "no" as an answer most of the times - Yunjin told him many times to leave her in peace,
but he almost never does. I understand that the plot would not move forward if he was just staying far away from Yunjin, but, wow, wasn't it a little too much?

What threw me off was their kiss at the temple where he just forced himself on her like some sort of an animal - just a sheer brutal force while she tried to escape from his arms???

Also, their first night together in one bed? The beginning of it made me worried. Same thing with their argument after Yunjin borrowed the money from Juan and he came back home drunk.

I was really scared of him in some scenes and I would rather leave him. Although, because he gave off a stalker-ish vibes sometimes, I would be scared of him anyway.

From his good points: he is nice and smart, and tried to help Yunjin with her school work, tutoring her.
He was cute when he wasn't forcing himself on her and you could see that he genuinely loved her almost right from the start - when they were still in high school. Because of this, I think the movie would be good if the storyline would picture a few scenes a little bit differently.

Anyways, WARNING for anyone interested, I guess, but: If you don't like it when men use their force in some situations, please, be warned. I don't want to spoil anything, but I think it might be helpful to at least a few people.

If not for this, I would give four stars, but my overall rating in the end is 3/5. PS I think there is a wrong description for this movie on the Kiss Asian site because I thought we would see a pregnancy, but I think that people writing this got confused with something else (the book? the other movie?). Just a heads up.
alleinr 15 Oct, 2017
1) Beatifully shot
2) Kris's acting is okay
3) Crystal Liu's acting is tolerable
4) The plot is stupid and full of cliche

the end.