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Zhang Jia Wei has a brother whom he has not seen in many years. One day, he gets a call saying the brother has gone missing. He starts to investigate starting with his brother's flat in a shady neighbourhood. There's a woman who insists the brother is stalking her and her daughter and strange markings on the door frames that later appear in the building Zhang Jia Wei and his family lives in. As Zhang Jia Wei sets out on a quest to find his brother, he stumbles into something sinister that becomes one of his worst nightmares.

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ralphina 10 Dec, 2016
I like the movie, but really?
How people can be so damn stupid?! I don't believe it for one second.
milisia 30 Dec, 2016
To be honest i can't remember all plots in the original movie, so i'm not sure how much the chinese version is different, but i can say i like it a lot. Acting was great, the whole story - i enjoy it a lot. Maybe the mystery part, was quite predictable, as it was also in the Korean version
let's be honest, the story of a female neighbor, was quite unbelievable from the very start, so..and in my opinion, in the chinese version, the lady didn't even pretended, to be "normal" and something fishy was from the very start
. But anyway i like it. And i think the big "+" was that they were filming whole movie in Korea. From me, well deserved ★★★★.
tamayatz 20 Sep, 2017
I don't know about the Korean original but this was very good, the suspense was real and gripping. The film kept me guessing and wasn't boring at all. Also I have to say the fight scenes were very realistic. I would expect fighting more like in this movie from normal people rather than what is mostly seen in fighting scenes in Asian movies. Totally recommend this to anyone looking for a good thriller.