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eriinnye 08 Aug, 2018
I really enjoy watching this version and regret that I've started it before the whole drama is online T.T
ddevart 09 Aug, 2018
@eriinnye me too! TT__TT
lothiriel 09 Aug, 2018
I only saw the trailer on Netflix, but WTF, they even use the Harlem Yu them song of the 2001 version... XD
eriinnye 02 Sep, 2018
Well^^ 30 episodes would have been more than enough. Too many break ups and it got really annoying at the end. The last two episodes were kind of... I don't know ^^ I definitely didn't enjoy it as much as in the beginning. It's probably average, but I will give it a "good" rating since I was so much into it at a certain time.