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eunhye 27 Mar, 2018
Joy's characler is lame and it's ruining the whole drama. It would be so much better without her.

duerrew 28 Mar, 2018
@eunhye YOU ARE SO RIGHT!!! Woo Do Hwan acting is perfect, she is awful TT______TT
sillysym 02 Apr, 2018
@eunhye yes. Joy's not right for this role or maybe she's not ready yet
sugarpain 03 Apr, 2018
Well i just finished watching the latest episode. I've been waiting til now to see how i feel about this drama. Still not 100% sure... (probably cause i hope that sth might change and the whole plot might get interesting)

But i guess i do feel disappointed. I expected lots of manipulation/seducing etc
The "seducing" part and playing with other ppl's feelings lasted for what? 1-2 eps? As soon as Si Hyeon agrees to play with Tae Hee's feelings he falls for her already, so much for that plan... And Se Ju has a crush on Su Ji so not much happening there either.

My point is, that even though i expected ppl seducing here and there, scheming and manipulating others (i mean it is called "The Great Seducer" and is based on Les Liaisons Dangereuses) all i got was just another predictable romance kdrama.
Not saying that it had to be that way til the end but i did expect more than 1-2 eps showing just that before "lover boy" falls for the girl he is supposed to be "playing with". I even thought that there might be a sad ending kinda like in "Cruel Intentions" but i highly doubt it at this point. I do like the cast (not sure about Joy in this role though tbh) and it seemed promising but...i haven't seen any of what i expected to. And at this point all i see in every episode is the same thing over and over again.

After this episode i don't expect much and i'll just keep watching since i've already watched half of it. I miss being excited for the next ep, like i was after the first episode of these series(which doesn't happen that often). I do know most kdramas especially in this category are full of clich├ęs but one can only hope that someday they might get bored of using almost the same stuff over and over again and go for sth more interesting and unpredictable.

Anyway, some ppl might like it, the fact that i ended up feeling this way about it is probably my fault for expecting more and sth closer to the story it was based on. No rating for this yet.
katissleepy 08 Apr, 2018
The plot and the actress are both a hot mess! Even hot Woo Do Hwan can't save this drama! Makes me miss Save Me...
deema 11 Apr, 2018
@eunhye i love her but totally agree , acting is not her thing !
eunhye 16 Apr, 2018
@duerrew , @sillysym
As for me, the role itself is stupid. Tae Hee is just... boring. She isn't even a classic korean main lead. You know, hard working, brave, poor, but very inspiring girl who falls with some rich guy. She is just... meeeh. I personally can't understand how you can fell in love with a person like Tae Hee. And I really doubt that the good actress could make this character be more interesting. As for me, the main problem (besides of Joy's indeed poor acting skills) is the scenarist, who wrote this plot.

I know, I love her too! But with every next episode I feel like my love slowly disappears... That's why I try to skip scenes with her...

THIS. I understand you so much! I was waiting for tension, manipulations, lies, but all we see now are the scenes
of perfectly happy couple. All those kisses, romantic touches, and so on. It looks more like a video made for a wedding. Too silly, too sweet. And extremely out of character.
shineegirl 18 Apr, 2018
The plot as well as the romance here is a pure bullshit, thank god we have Lee Se Ju who's the only smart one in this drama. As someone already said even Do Hwan can't save this