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milisia 03 May, 2018
Ok, some commentary after almost half of the serie. Plot itself, isn't very "wow"
replaced child's, mother wanting to be near her child and keep safe her new family at the same time, revenges etc.
, but for some reason i like it, and i think it's executed,quite nicely. I like the whole fashion plot, it's nice. Revenge part - well it isn't even started, but oh boy, it will be a mess. Somehow i like that Se Yeon and Gyeong Hye, are helping each other, but for some reason, i'm felling, that the truth will crush them :/
And i hate Yeong Suk so much, sometimes :/ like, wrong decisions from the very start, and truly egoistic, make me sad
like i get that, she wanted her daughter, to be cured etc. but acting the whole time as a houskeeper, and not telling Gyeong Hye the truth is like.. ugh :/ especially that Hye wanted so much mother T__T

Villians - die :P and i hope that my ship will be sailing to the end :P LJJ x HSY forever :P and one thing bothers me
plot with LJJ sister? isn't it the chicken girl with amnesia?
yokochan 09 May, 2018
@milisia yeah iam totally agree with you =D
iam also thinking that the chicken Girl Kkot nim is the sister of LJJ !
& i don´t get, why Seyeon & her Mother didn´t tell Geonghye the truth o.O this is weird for me.
Yeong Suk is also getting on my nerves sometimes >.<
I love LJJ & HSY couple (*O*)>>

btw. when want they start the revenge-part ? O.o this is going to be really hard =´(
milisia 09 May, 2018
You're at 41 episode, i'm on 52, and i think few more episodes and the revenge part will start :D Especially, that NOW we have a good reason for that. And it will be messy, for sure.
About sister - is the only person that match the description, so yeah...i doubt it will be another character from nowhere. And that also would be a good explanation, why nobody knows her etc. If she has no relatives, only brother, with whom she was separated as a child it makes a lot of sens, that nobody react to her posters.

About the truth - well, from my perspective , it has a lot of reasons :P Yeong Suk's know how this family is messed up to the bone, she didn't want her "daughter" to also step in this mess. Maybe she didn't want also any grudges etc. on SY? but mostly i think, she wanted just cover the truth about who is which mother and past stuff :/ and she didn't wanted to lost any of them. Also for professional point of view - maybe she didn't wanted SY to be more privileged? i don't know.. and well Gyeong Hye is very attached to Yeong Suk and has big mental issues, so maybe that's also the case? like for real YS was afraid that, GH knowing the truth eariler will be jelouse? and make some problems...she still does...but oh well :P

Anyway, i pitied Eun Gyeong Hye at first, but she's making more and more awful things. I get that, she don't wanna lose her lifestyle, but in other hand, she's worse than Jang Myeong Hwan x Kim Hyo Jeong, and what's makes me more mad it's that Hong Se Yeon, is living in the shadow and don't get why this all is happening to her. I hope she will be tornado here :P and chop all this stupid people, heads :D
milisia 18 May, 2018

I'm so mad, for real. I think EGH is so delusional, that i'm done with her, for real. Also i'm not sure about LJJ intentions now? like, grandpa is dead, now what? i would be glad, if it would be some kind of mistifaction. Like, he will play with Eun Gyeong Hye, on the same page, and then crush her. I'm just unsure, how much he blames Hong Se Yeon, for real? and what he will do next, after grandpa's death. I doubt he will be loyal to Eun Gyeong Hye.

Also, i think that's the moment, when Hong Se Yeon, should open her eyes. She was so many times cheated, by everybody. Now's the time to do something about it? She has nothing to lose now? and i hope that she will use her brain, and fight for her rights. Ok, she signed some papers, but still, she's the true blood :P and i'm really rooting for her.
milisia 31 May, 2018
Arghhh part 2 :P

Ok so we still have HSY x EGH friend and foe issue here. I mean...i don't want them, to be friends again :P and in the same time i don't wanna plan of JHM, to be a succed, so yeah... :P
Anyway i'm happy that HSY lives with her mom now, but the way how JHM want to use her it's just ugh :/ i hope that his plan, will backfire on his stupid face. Also i knew, that LJJ will be used, to take down HSY, sigh :( I'm quite sorry for them, but was obvious, that not only the past, but their dating stuff will be a issue...
Anyway, about the tape - i would copy it somehow..i know it was typical, tape recorder (?), but you can change it to the digital one? or just use old tape recorder to copy it? i hope they will have some copy, and they don't return it just like that, without backup plan?

And well..EGH i hate her so much, for real :/ she's sly, or..she was sly for few seconds, and now again, she's hidding in her dungeons. I mean..damn you girl :/ you always hide behind someone's back, and backstabbing, just because being insecure?! i think that case with JMH, would be closed faster and earlier, if EGH would not withdraw always from the planned things. And now she's doing that again. Ok, she have some issues, but c'mon :/
yokochan 05 Jun, 2018
wow this Drama makes me crazy xD i love it !

ep. 67
So, Myeong Hwan is there again . . . =O we have now many enemies and everyone wants a revenge xD
milisia 06 Jun, 2018
@yokochan and what are you thinking about Eun Gyeong Hye doings? i'm so mad right now :/ and i'm still waiting for Hong Se Yeon, to slay :D
yokochan 13 Jun, 2018
@milisia Oh, i dont understand most of her doings xO sometimes she wants to destroy the Life of Se Yeon, and then she Looks like, she wants to help her =/