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eunyoung 10 May, 2018
love it is old same story but rich with feeling
and really love the ost
bayanoh 16 May, 2018
Is Jo Yeon Hwa being the bad person a popular opinion?
She is getting on my nerves.
She is acting as if Seon Hye Jin stole her husband when Seon Hye Jin has more connections with the living Song Hyeon Cheol than she has. He has Seon Hye Jin's husband's memory, history and body. Also, everything the living Song Hyeon Cheol will do will be considered the dead Song Hyeon Cheol's doing, so anyone sees the living Song Hyeon Cheol with Jo Yeon Hwa would assume the dead Song Hyeon Cheol is having an affair. I for one wouldn't want a soul to use my dead body to destroy the reputation I've built, not to mention the family I've had.

In episode 13, Jo Yeon Hwa ran to Song Hyeon Cheol when he was giving out flyers and said "Why are you doing this when you are rich!". So Seon Hye Jin has no right to take your husband's soul but it's okay for you to claim her husband's money? Not only you stole her husband's body, but you're planning to steal his money too?

Any money the "host" had and all the future money the "tenant" will get using the host's mind, memory, education and job should go to the host's family and not the tenant's. Why is she claiming both the body and money of the host, and leaving his family with nothing but bitterness and humiliation?
bayanoh 16 May, 2018
Now Jo Yeon Hwa is calling the dead Song Hyeon Cheol's wife to ask for the dead Song Hyeon Cheol's cloths for "her husband" to wear! Buy new cloths b**ch! It wasn't enough that she stole Seon Hye Jin's husband's body and claimed his money, now she's aiming for his cloths!

Yu Ah In said it best "어이가 없네!"
naku 20 May, 2018

It's a relief I'm not the only one thinking like this.

Yeon Hwa is so selfish. Even if it's her husband's soul he is dead for everyone it makes no sense to return with her. As you said everyone will think he's having an affair. Even if it's sad for her daughter, she already experienced the dead of her dad,(and now she knows he's not really dead so...) Kangho and Miho don't have to experience this pain as well...And her wife falling in love with him makes me so sad for her. She deserves to be happy.