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silentscream93 12 Nov, 2018
I didn't expect from this drama to be this good! Little Ae and Pete were really sweet together. I liked Ae's honesty and bravery. :) I liked that he knew what he want. The chemistry was really good between them. The guy who was in love with Techno was like a fangirl sometimes. :D I liked Tin-Can couple the most! In the latest episodes I started to like them more than the main couple. Tin went through a big character development from the beginning to the end. Sometimes I wanted to punch him than hug him. :) The character of Can was likeable. His charm was that he was so protective toward his friends. But in the end I really hated him because of Tin...
Tin finally opened up toward someone, but he broke his heart. :'(
And Pond was a really annoying character, I wanted to punch him in the face almost all the time.
P.S: Tin ❤❤ I want a second seacon right now!
taekyul893 19 Nov, 2018
I was hooked from the beginning. The characters are very lovable and the situations are pretty realistic. I'm praying for a second season, since I loved this casting and story so much ❤
cleciane 21 Nov, 2018
cleciane 13 Jan, 2019
O último episódio me fez deixar de gostar.