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isawisay 29 Aug, 2018
Seriously one of the most beautifully produced dramas I've ever had the pleasure of watching. From a wonderful and almost lyrical script to a solid cast that fit their respective characters perfectly, a catchy soundtrack that carries the viewers on a journey of emotions to masterful storytelling/directing, every minute is worth your full attention.

Salute to the female friendships, the fluffy men, real-world issues ranging from workplace politics to unemployment, suicide, and sexual assault to homosexuality, and most importantly, the overarching motif of cleaning/decluttering: from rooms to houses, from minds to hearts to lives. <3
ilate 13 Sep, 2018
So the drama itself was okay, the story quite pleasant and the overall feeling just good. But it is not a drama I will either miss or recommend to everyone. There was no chemistry between ANY of the characters, and the relationships seemed pretty awkward and baseless. Acting also left a lot of room for improvement. It still wasn't a bad drama, just mediocre.