zhen ai de huang yan zhi po bing zhe

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milisia 15 May, 2018
Overall, it was nice drama and even with the few last episodes, being like "meh" i still can say it's strong ★★★★ :P Anyway, the plot was quite ok - some mafia stuff, investigation, gangs, and other related to police/suspense stuff, so i think for someone looking for typical melodrama, it can be boring. But for me it was a strong point. Main heroine, Dou Dou is amazing - she's strong, determined, and I liked the fact that she's "thinking fast" - in a sense, she knew how to get out of the biggest oppression and she was able to give a good answer quickly, whether to direct the situation to save her and Jin Yuan's skin. Also about Dou Dou x Jin Yuan - i'm really amazed, how they cared for each other to the very end. I was little mad at first, that JY wasn't completly honest with DD, but well - now i'm thinking, he was trapped, between his past, duties and now, someone important to him. And if someon looks for the story, where the main pair, fight for each other, to the very end and crush all obstacles with grace -highly recommended.

About the ending:
NOOOO T____T my poor JY! but i was somehow feeling, that it might end that way :/ But well..he left Dou Dou the best "gift" he was able to :)