nae idneun gangnammiin

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seoltang 01 Aug, 2018
o potencial é imenso. espero que continue indo bem.
yokochan 09 Aug, 2018
I´ve missed School/Youth Dramas =P & this Story is so Interesting =) iam living in Germany (Europe) & here is Plastic Surgery not so Famous, i totally understand Mi Rae, because my whole Life i´ve feeled like iam also ugly xO this is a sad Story =/ Su A is going to be the bad one in here, i think. =)
jeaudrey 10 Aug, 2018
i am really enjoying this
alayanaflavia 14 Aug, 2018
jihye 15 Aug, 2018
Preciso de mais episódios para ontem, dois por semana não ta dando!
heimi 27 Aug, 2018
Mi Rae is the most unbearable drama character I have ever seen, she's litterally just standing there her mouth gaping open looking like a dead fish ! I just want to shake her sooooo bad !! The other characters are all very good, but she legit ruins the show. Also, props for the producers for finding an actress with an actual gangnam botched surgery face
danisensei 16 Sep, 2018
@heimi I think that's part of her character. She's someone who was bullied her entire life bc of her looks. After she make herself pretty, she worries about ppl finding out she's 'a farse'. So she's always worried about being rejected. Ppl react differently to the same kind of situations (and that's what both Mi Rae and Soo Ah show - they were both bullied, but Mi Rae gets introvert/shy and Soo Ah wants to make everybody like her - all bc both are afraid of being rejected again). I think the characters were all nicely played and the drama conveyed a good message.
I liked it a lot.

And as for the actress getting surgery done... many ppl do get it nowadays (and it seems it's become more common in South Korea), and many get tons of make-up all over their face to get the same effect. As long as it doesn't become a sickness, I don't see what's wrong with it. It's not as if they're causing harm to anyone.
heimi 16 Sep, 2018
I understand that some people can be very shy, be this shy for an adult her age is almost pathological. She's even uncapable of answering questions about the weather, the whole drama is one-sided monologues because she just stares into the void.

Also, I don't reject surgery, I just find the "gangnam unnie" face very disgracious and this actress totally has it (which is ideal for this drama).

Many people have dropped this drama because Mi Rae's character makes it very annoying to watch, I guess you have to be the very patient type to appreciate it, I was not unfortunately.