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Cheng Xiao Feng is a fierce tomboy who is secretly scarred by her past. One night, she declares the thing she wants the most -- love. So her friends make a love contract with A Ken: in exchange for swimming club members, A Ken must date Xiao Feng and make her fall in love with him.

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bolfri 16 Sep, 2010
This is the most bad drama in a few past day. It was boring, boring and.... boring. He Jun Xiang was so handsome, but Lin Yi Chen is so... ugly. I don't recommend this drama for someone who is looking for a romantic expression.
ocamilao 24 Sep, 2010
I like this drama. Havea very nice scenes and the final it`s so unexpected
pandablepsia 27 Sep, 2010
i disagree with most people on this... this drama was so real and slice of life. i loved it! it gave me that warm feeling inside. ariel lin is so cute! not ugly at all!! and mike he is not so bad either ;)
naath 19 Jan, 2011
Achei meia boca.
maia 03 Sep, 2011
it's not bad nor very good drama, the plot is pretty boring, but Mike He and Ariel Lin are a nice combination to watch
endroine 20 Sep, 2011
I love the opening song =o
toooooofy 22 Sep, 2011
درما شفتها على السريع ما اعطيتها حقها خطيرة لابعد الحدود
faysun 01 Oct, 2011
realy boring drama!! honestly I saw it because of mike and ariel and all the gossip about them but it was not good!