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During his childhood, Su Hyeon used to live with his mother in Thailand, where he met Ji U. The boy and the girl become really close but they suddenly have to part when Ji U's mother decides to leave Thailand. In the same time, Su Hyeon sees his mother being killed. He is then adopted by his parents' friend, a NIS (National Intelligence Service) agent. He grows up with Min Gi, his new brother, and both of them become NIS agents. Later, Su Hyeon meets Ji U once again...

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viola135 10 Mar, 2010
This drama is one of my favorite! ♥ It kept me on the edge of my seat right up to the end. I really like it although the ending is a bit weird, don't you think?xD

Touching history, great actors (Jun Ki <3333 he was just AWESOME!) and nice music. Definitely worth watching! ;)
motto 21 Mar, 2010
I can watch this over and over again without getting bored. This is the best drama of Lee Jun Ki so far! Highly recommended.
koka 23 Apr, 2010

Action packed 8D
minomi 18 Jun, 2010
GREAT SHOW TwT !!! my first reason to watch this was ofcourse for Lee Jun ki >< cuz i loved him iljimae, didnt know he had a great series like this one ! i just finished it and seriously its not to be missed ! he pulled his character really well here1 its so sad and full of suspense <3 the action was amazing as well..
the end is a summary of the title itself so it fits the series @@
oh i loved the OST <3

ahmeto 03 Aug, 2010
I only saw it because my sister was bothering me a lot with it... but at the end i get caught by the history! great drama :)
malice 05 Jan, 2011
i'm still watching this but for some reasons it reminds me of Iris :D
lissylamoire 22 Jan, 2011
Just completed this drama for the 3th time and it never gets boring! ♥ I love every single scene, and the cast is great.
alexadm81 24 Jan, 2011
Great drama! So interesting from the first episode;I enjoyed a lot watching this. Recommended.