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Cheng Che Lin and Hue Wei Lun are two male high school students and best friend. As time passed, they develop strong feelings for each other. But Hue, part of the basketball team, got scared when the team members started to tease him about being in a relationship with Lin...
At the same time, Guo Ying and Li Ai Ling are two girl at the same high school. They're in a relationship until the mother of Ying discovered them. A short film, almost documentary, seeking in the depths of the youths and their sexuel orientation.

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speculoosruines 02 May, 2011
40 minutes of youth, love and friendship.

Really nice. :)
taekyul893 11 Nov, 2012
I really liked this! very heartwarming story
and the shower-scene killed me
zor6a 18 May, 2013
Both stories are presented in an incredible way. I just love movies and anime of this genre! At first I laughed for joy, and finally wept with grief and pain and wondering ... Why? Everyone has the right to love and be loved regardless of what sex is! <33 I LOVE THIS MOVIE!!!:**
stellybish 25 Jul, 2013
It was a lovely short movie :)
Everyone has the right to love who they want *o*
eriinnye 16 Mar, 2016
The movie was quite cute but the execution of it was really bad. ^^
Still don't regret watching it ♥
silentscream93 22 Jul, 2016
Nothing special, but cute.