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Beauty is destiny; Eun Yeong is an overwhelming beauty, wherever she goes she gets regularly confused for a film star. She has several admirers, to the extent of some becoming her stalkers. Everything escalates when one day one of her admirers gets too close to her.

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kematic 24 Jan, 2011
this movie was so freaky.
nanuklein 26 Feb, 2011
A 'strange' film. Scenes are overplayed by overtly dramatised attraction. The concept is truly interesting. At first I felt a bit annoyed by the overtly exaggerated attitude this film displayed, but with time I felt it had to be that way, to give it a theatrical ambiance. She was desperate and nobody gave a f*ck, all they wanted was her body, never ever caring for her state of mind. I think that can lead to a relationship where the guy really only perceives her as a tool as he's unable to see past her overwhelming beauty. She must have realised that -- reason why she was solo. Really interesting. It makes me think
metaly 24 Jul, 2011
I agree with first comments, it was strange and freaky film, like all Kim Ki Duk films..
and it was so amazing. why the rating is..kinda low? compared to other movies. O.o
totally worth watching!
carolhiis 03 Oct, 2011
supeer tenso o.0
musicimmortalmelody 04 Apr, 2012
kim ki duk wae you so awesome??!!!!:3 i had high expectations after watching 3iron and sigan i knew this was going to be good but it was much more than that a really intense movie with a very mind provoking subject!!its going to haunt me for sure...pure cinematic excelence!!
makiru 08 Dec, 2012
This movie gave me nightmares for weeks! lol
But I think is worth to watch, it's so interesting how it shows that even being beautiful has a bad side.
quels 04 Jan, 2013
A great movie, indeed. But this movie made me sick, there wasn't a single good human being. I kept thinking "it's just a movie, it's just a movie..." But I couldn't help feeling angry and more angry all the time. Everything was disgusting. Yet, an incredible movie.
natss 13 Jun, 2013
O único normal nesse filme foi o porteiro do prédio da mulher. O resto só homem doido e mulher mal-amada D: