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Hey, my name is Rika and I like watching Asian dramas. Oh, and I'm the 100th Courtesan here in MDL. No one can take that title from me. Or maybe...


Send me a message and I will be at your service, for cheap.


Random chan 18 Aug, 2011
:O oh, well, thank you. I appreciate that. I didn't get most of what you wrote though, but I'll blame it on the hour. I let myself read it tomorrow again and browse though your suggestion. It would be neat if you'll wait a while until I'll discuss it with hideki as well. Both ways, it will be available, if accepted, only after the official version.

^_^ thank you for your time.
hideki 24 Jun, 2011
No, and please stop trolling.
hideki 23 Jun, 2011
Just leave daredaniel alone, ok? You avoid his profile, and he will avoid yours, end of story.
sakibuki 18 Jun, 2011
i just visited this MDL again to check up a drama and i see your message, i honestly dont care about a thing youre saying, most of it is misplaced anyway.

first of all you dont know me, so you cant even say Yes you are this or that, you only know me from some comments on a website, just because our first contact is a arguement doesnt mean someone is a shithead, if you knew me you would never say that cause i am actually a very nice person, but the way you try to be smart and your attitude annoyed me thats why i reacted like that.

and Yes i have a great life, is there anything wrong with saying that?, how is that narcissistic, it is just a fact.

i play piano, i compose music as a job wich i learned hard for, and im moving to japan this year to compose for a anime studio wich is my dream, so yes i love my life.

and do you think i care about my spelling in these comments? i type realy fast wich is why i make mistakes sometimes, unless its something extremely important i dont care about correcting my spelling.

and i Do like to laugh, but you knew what i meant.

dont try to be such a smarty :)

i dont like to argue actually, but you wont quit either, i almost never have these long discussions with people, only with annoying people or people that always need to have the last word even though they are not right.

well thats the last message to you.

nanuklein 08 Jun, 2011
then add me.
nanuklein 08 Jun, 2011
Don't complain. Get Gmail and join the convoy.
nanuklein 08 Jun, 2011
?noooooooo bitchassness? brotha or motha
Random chan 14 Apr, 2011
lol XDDD ya... I know :P I just asked your certain problem.