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i m crazyyyyyyyyyyy for takeshi kaneshiro.
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Image dis scene made me love pineapple so badly lol
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Image my man can fight dinosaur yayyyyyyyyyyyy
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vendetta 10 May, 2017
angelus 29 Jun, 2016
wow... thats really good... when was that? is there a site like myasiancinema?
angelus 19 Jun, 2016
are you still alive?
vendetta 04 Jun, 2015
hi nanda
janegreen 03 Sep, 2013
True. But when it comes to romantic comedies I always look for hongkongese ones, but the old ones. The new ones just don't have the charm anymore. Ofc, there're still some exceptions but I just love the oldies with Miriam Yeung. I dunno, she can always make me laugh so hard.
janegreen 03 Sep, 2013
Hahaha, that's a long list, thank you! I've watched some of them already and lots of them are on my to watch list, but there're few I've never heard of before so I'm gonna check em out ;)
Have u seen the new Wong Kar Wai movie with Tony Leung Chiu Wai? I've heard it's really bad, but it's WKW, my beloved director, so how bad can it really be? I was really disappointed when I read reviews...
janegreen 02 Sep, 2013
Mostly action movies, murderers, detectives, mysteries, things like that ;) I also like psychological horrors, but not with zombies or ghosts. Romanctic comedies are fine too, but I gotta be in special mood for them, but action movies are everywhere, everytime for me :) Sad movies aren't for me, I'm afraid, I spend too much time crying my eyes off and I look awful the next day~ ;D
janegreen 02 Sep, 2013
I'd love that ;) I'm gonna add you to my friendlist.
Right now I'm trying to catch up with last and this year's korean movies, coz of my studies I had totally no time to watch. Can you recommend me any good korean movies from 2012/2013?