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i m crazyyyyyyyyyyy for takeshi kaneshiro.
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Image dis scene made me love pineapple so badly lol
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Image my man can fight dinosaur yayyyyyyyyyyyy
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silvadiva 20 Jun, 2012
Hey sis did you watch Batlle Royale 2 by streaming or did you downlaoad it? I can't find it anywhere!
sionsono 28 May, 2012
Well, I dont

My point was that theres no one to share stuff, cuz u said its good to share movies and dramas with friends.

I dont like having many friends either. Got my 2,3 boys, my college mates and hopefully a beautiful girl by my side in near future :)
sionsono 28 May, 2012
I know that you were kidding.
So was I!
I'd love to share it, but sadly I don't have many friends :D
sionsono 28 May, 2012
nozomiyo 25 May, 2012
lol yea im watching that :)

Im a guy though so i dont pay attention to the guys xD

I think ayase is kinda cute, not extremely pretty but she has a kind of sweet and weird charm, i like it.

Me too i love doramas, i watch all kinds, they always seem to cheer me up and take me on a emotional ride.

Lol i think that osamu isnt that good looking xD i look better than him lol..
nozomiyo 22 May, 2012
ohh no please dont watch the movie first!!! its not a prequel :P (believe me)

its the same story but Short, its also with different actors, the series is complete, more detailed and better.

if you watch the movie first then everything is ruined when you watch the series :'(

but anyway lol, well i like all kinds of drama not just sad ones :)

i appreciate a great complete story, also very important to me is that the series and actors are Convincing

but i have enjoyed many series, even series that i gave 2 stars where enjoyable for me, its just that i think the ones with a higher rating are more complete and have a better story or acting (imo :)

Hehe, u said you want to watch something funny because you have exams xD

When im in a difficult time i actually like to watch sad stories on purpose hehe, so that i realize my problems are not that bad :D

Im sure i will enjoy secret garden though, it doesnt always need to have great story or unique story, if the acting and chemistry and emotions are good then i will enjoy it anyway :)
nozomiyo 21 May, 2012
Oh i thought it might be annoying :) but i really loved that series and saw you didnt see it even though you watched a lot, thats why i mentioned it hehe.

yes the drama! the movie is just a short version, i suggest seeing the drama first :) its very detailed, its a serious drama series, its a very sweet and emotional story.

Yea i checked out your whole list hehe, im interested in secret garden and see you also loved it, looking forward to it!
nozomiyo 20 May, 2012

i wanted to recommend you "Sekai no chuushin, de ai wo sabeku" tv series.

since you have seen so many drama but thats missing :)

its one of the best drama i have seen!, the quality is great and the story is very beautiful.