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risingsun 13 Jul, 2013
Hey! I'm doing a master thesis about Korean culture in Europe, so I wanted to ask you if you could help out with my research and maybe share that with your European friends. I need to get as many European kpop/kdrama/kmovie fans as possible for the research to be good. I prepared a survey - so people just need to contact me by writing me an email to and I'll send them the survey. I hope you'd be able to help me - it's extremely important to me and would mean a lot! Thanks a lot and I hope I'll soon hear from you!!
palepaleta 21 Oct, 2012
Thank you!!

I will <3.
addy1884 02 Oct, 2012
so im curious... what did u think of mother, oldboy and brotherhood of flags?
blackkxstar 12 Jun, 2012
Korean is my favourite, I love Thai lakorns (very few) and movies, some Japanese (dark/thriller/crime related) and Chinese well I find them to be of very low quality (dramas only) I love their movies.
blackkxstar 12 Jun, 2012
Scent of a Woman is a fantastic drama but I put it on hold a while ago and whenever I try to pick it back up I just can't, I'll just have to force my way through episode 10. Thank you and drama freak I am... Something I haven't been able to shake off for three years now.
blackkxstar 12 Jun, 2012
I guess I'll have to go download it now. I played the first five minutes of the sequel and I am not sure if it was because I wasn't in the right mood but I just stopped watching after those few minutes it didn't have that "WATCH ME RIGHT NOW" feel. I have about 2tb worth of movies and dramas but some are like 90gig (Queen Seon Deok) - I could only find it in 720p and a few 50 episode shows which are normally about 40gig. I should delete my dramas once I finish them but since I edit I need them it just costs me money.
There is this one movie I have been wanting to see but I keep telling myself "I bet it's shit!" it's called Scent of a Man and ever since Scent of a Woman came out all of the searches are just episodes and episodes of that so if you ever come across that movie please let me know ^^. I have quite a few friends in Germany, Yeah but I want to move, I feel like I am living in the countryside even though I live 10 minutes from the bustling town it's that boring.
blackkxstar 12 Jun, 2012
You're welcome, It's the movie 'Nobody Knows' I have been meaning to watch it for a full year now but I just never got round to it. Some of the dramas/movies on my plan to watch list I will never watch because I can't find them anywhere ._. I only added it because of the genre and cast ;/ I've added and followed you ^^ Where are you from? Did you like Public Enemy? I watched it a few weeks ago and I loved it. I have the sequel on my hard drive but the whole story doesn't seem as appealing since it's not about a serial murder ;/.
blackkxstar 05 Jun, 2012
You have an amazing set of favourites there. They are actually most of my favourite movies apart from one which I have yet to see but I now know I'll love the movie. Hahaha sorry for the random comment I saw you on the 'Always' page after re-watching the movie and I randomly clicked on your page and your favourites just shot at me like lazer beams XD