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last active 29 Mar, 2019
mood Good-natured and smart people are adored by me. I dislike disrespect&ungratefulness the most.
sex female
interests Sometimes liking something and giving it an objective judgement are different things.. I have two sides.. and I have the tendency to mirror the way I'm being treated.
located Sofia, Bulgaria
born 03 Jan
joined 24 Sep, 2009
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healer TV
jiltuui hwa sin TV
minyeo gong simi TV
bleach animation
bishoujo senshi sailor moon animation
howl no ugoku shiro animation
Gong Hyo Jin person
Abe Hiroshi person
Miyazaki Hayao person
L Lawliet character
Madara character
Tsukino Usagi character
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02 Sep, 2017
completed 16/16
24 Sep, 2017
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24 Sep, 2017
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29 Sep, 2017
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02 Oct, 2017
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02 Oct, 2017

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I. Drama ratings:
* - for things I seriously look down at
** - for something not amusing
*** - for good or amusing stuff; funny stuff
**** - for a very good stuff
***** - for something quite unique or special to me

II. Preferences:
o. japanese working* dramas & ones with funny yakuza;
o. korean romantic dramas & ones with romantic-fantasy theme;
o. HK action movies.
o. I'm recently interested in gumihos (animated ones too).
o. I never got the parody genre and I never will. Just looks stupid to me.
o. Even thought I stopped being interested in animes long ago- Bleach & Miyazaki Hayao's fan 'till grave. Please see the gumiho-note above.

*about work. And what did you thought? XD

III. Some useful stuff:
1. Topics
-> none
2. Pictures:The image should be 250X350 px.
3. Sites:
-> Romanization for names/titles from Japan, Korea, China & Taiwan
-> Translation of chinese characters kawa doesn't know
-> Romanization for names/titles from Thailand
4. Combinations:
-> ctrl+f

IV. Some people I have a liking to:
1. Actors:
All time favourite- Abe Hiroshi;
Present- Cha Seung Won; Hu Yu Wei (George Hu);
Former- Jau Yun Faat; Sing Lung; Xiu Jie Kai; Oguri Shun; Sin Hyeon Jun; Lau Dak Wa; Kimura Takuya; Sakai Masato; Matsuyama Kenichi; Lee Seung Gi; Inagaki Gorou; Leung Chiu Wai; Iura Arata; Kim Myeong Min; Jang Hyeok; Lee Dong Uk; Jo Jeong Seok; So Ji Seop; Jo In Seong;

2. Actress:
All time favourite:
Present- Ha Ji Won; Gong Hyo Jin; Chen Ting Ni
Former- Kim A Jung; Son Ye Jin; Hirosue Ryouko; Sin Min A; Kim Seon A; Esumi Makiko; Nakama Yukie; Ishihara Satomi; Amami Yuuki; Matsushima Nanako ; IU; Yang Jin Hua; Im Ju Eun; Lee Yun Ji; Jeong Ryeo Won

3. Composers:
Present: Sagisu Shirou
Former: Kanno Yuugo; Sawano Hiroyuki
4. Original creators (of stories):
Higashino Keigo;
5. Screenwriters & Directors (doing both jobs):
Present- Zhang Yi Mou; Wu Yu Sen; Kim Gi Deok
Former- Jang Jin;
6. (only?!) Screenwriters:
Former: Yukawa Kazuhiko; Fukuda Yasushi;
Current: Hong Mi Ran (f)&Hong Jeong Eun (f)(the Hong sisters); Song Jae Jeong (f)
7.(only?!) Directors:
Hirakawa Yuuichirou
8. Singers (OST):
Current: Lyn (린) (f); Baek Ji Yeong (f); Ochi Shiho (f); Bi Shu Jin /Bii/ (m);
Former: Ootsuka Ai (f) ; Tao Yan Lin (f);

V. Goals:
1. To watch a movie, directed by Akira Kurosawa ("Seven samurai")
2. To watch a movie, directed by John Wu ("A better tomorrow"; "A better tomorrow II")
3. To watch a movie, starring Jet Lee.
4. To watch all action movies with the starring of Chow Yun Fat -> still working on it
5. To watch ALL movies & dramas in which Abe Hiroshi plays-> still working on it
6. To watch all movies & dramas in which Liu Shi Shi & Zhao Li Ying play-> still working on it

VI. Favourite comedy manga & manhwa & manhua:
1. Shounen
Kyou Kara ore wa!! (KKOW) by Nishimori Hiroyuki.
2. Shoujo
Tokyo Crazy Paradise (TCP) by Nakamura Yoshiki

VII. Songs:
1. Favourite themes/intro/openings/endings of dramas:

About my list....
I decide to not put often dramas as "Planned" ones, because these planned are never actually watched and I only drag them around.. ; "On hold" I often put them when watching them, while still airing or in process of translating; also I never put the dramas I "Dropped" into my list- I remove them from it.. That's why most of my list is only about stuff I completed. From time to time I decide to continue watching some "dropped" drama and so- I add it to my list here. That's how I sometimes get dramas "from nowhere" here and on a top of that- completed.
I stopped watching animes years ago. They are some that I'm still dragging from that time with episodes or two left for being finished. Also some I haven't added from my MAL account. So If you see me adding animes here it means- or I did completed the missing episodes, so that I clear the status of that anime or I just added it from my MAL account.
The review section in my profile is used mostly for my private notes (like missed episodes or so). They rarely have any points as reviews.


milisia 24 Dec, 2015
milisia 31 Jul, 2015
I see you finished Mask, any impression?
milisia 15 Jun, 2015
Yeah i adore this drama also. But the plot make me so confused sometimes, lol. Dear lord, please, finally, let us give meaningful suggestions as to what happened on that pool, because I have so much theory, and every subsequent seems to me more and more absurd XD
milisia 01 Jun, 2015
For sure: i love it
i see you have in planned, watch it also, just for costumes , and colours...
milisia 01 Jun, 2015
Well, i see that most of the chinese dramas start like this: the main guy is a little/very violent/psycho, his case i somehow...dunno..he look's good, he have good reason to by a little violent, but in the end as you said, he's a knight in shining armor and also...just normal guy, thinking always about his girl, even if they were seperated or have some problems..also he wasn't mad, that his girl is little independent, and he support her as much he can, even if she's not aware of that, soo... thumb up for him ha ha XD
milisia 01 Jun, 2015
Well i watch it so that's the reason i'm asking :D And about main, Zuo Zhen is my luv ha ha ha XD and the dark part: well i also like it, but i'm somehow sad, that Rong Jin Xiu was hurt so much here and there...poor girl :<
milisia 01 Jun, 2015
Oh i see you watch Cruel Romance, do you like it?
alex3 10 Nov, 2014
hi i have a little question of i can.. i'm haven't really watched many japanese dramas but i really would love to start and i can see in your "about" that u like them. maybe you have some recommedations? c: