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I like comedy, human drama, thrillers, you name it.


eunchae 03 Jun, 2012
Also my love for Shinwoo....
He is just the definition of my IDEAL!!!
eunchae 03 Jun, 2012
<3 <3
I felt the exact same way.
My heart just felt all soft and warm when watching
I wish I had those trio of boys in my life.
Reality is cruel for not giving me that :(
eunchae 07 Jan, 2012
My Christmas was also low key. For me when Christmas comes round I always get so amped up and when it's over I'm terribly sad.

Great! ^_^
I just added you on twitter and tumblr!
Your tumblr has so much goodness!!!
The complete love you have for the fandom, I just bow to you ^_~
eunchae 30 Dec, 2011
Thank you sooooooooo much!!! I'm watching the first episode right now and I'm really enjoying!!

How was your Christmas by the way?
Also do you have twitter or a tumblr?
chiyuu 11 Dec, 2011
YES ♥ I hope over our break we can watch a lot of things together!
chiyuu 04 Dec, 2011
eunchae 29 Nov, 2011
Oh goodness, Tantei Gakuen Q looks sooooo good! I was trying to watch the first episode but the drama sites I went to had a such a poor quality upload of it. Do you know any sites where they might have good quality videos of the series? It doesn't have to be hq just as long as the character don't look blurry and I can be able to read the subtitles. Galileo sounds intriguing! Anything that is remotely sci-fi, I give a go on. Thank you for the handful of recommendations, they are definitely on my plan list!

Oooh, well the best place to start with on Chinese film is definitely Wong Kar Wai, hands down! He is one of my favorite directors and I know you'll just eat up his films. Start with "Chungking Express", it's my favorite film of his. Another good Chinese film to watch is "Yi Yi" by Edward Yang. It's such a delicate and beautiful film that will just move you.
I know that there is probably more on the list but so far those recommendations are the best ones to give a go on
eunchae 14 Nov, 2011
I've been meaning to watch Tatta Hitotsu. I've been hearing such rave reviews about it. I think I'll finally watch it tonight and get in on the craze hehe!

Unfortunately I've only been able to fiinish two of Kame's drama, Nobuta wo Produce and Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge :( I know so horrible right?! Out of the two though, I preferred him in YNS. I just found his character to be so dreamy *gush.gush*

No, but I how wish I could live in LA :( I'm basically around the Ontario/Riverside area which is an hour and half away from LA.

On your "about" you say you like detective dramas. Could you recommend me some?