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watashiwachiaki 28 May, 2014
yeah QSD is one of my favorites. I actually can't decide yet whether I like Empress Ki or not. but hey I watched 39 episodes in 5 days LOL so yeah it appears that I'm so hooked hahahaha! I hope to finish the last 12 episodes this weekend. I'm soo excited! hihihi..
watashiwachiaki 11 May, 2014
I noticed that you gave both Queen Seon Deok and Empress Ki 5 star ratings... but out of curiosity, why is EK included in your favorites and not QSD? ^^ im very intrigued by the deciding factor.. haha ^^
zera 27 Apr, 2014
Like it "love affair"?
watashiwachiaki 15 Apr, 2014
mind if add you? coz I always see you around here =)
zera 04 Apr, 2014
Very nice romantic dorama for a long time. Personally for me.good directorial work, acting, classical music .. All at a very high level.
At a very high level but not masterpiece :)
zera 03 Apr, 2014
Nice list :)
rooomanoooma 18 Mar, 2014
seems like you're enjoying watching Empress Ki a lot ^^
episode 37 can stand for a movie by itself lol ~~~~ too many events :$
the end of the episode terrified me with her closing speech felt like sth terrible is about to begin soon T^T
what do you think the writer will do ?? Do u think she will stuck literary to the history or not ??

btw, wow you've such an incredible Japanese dramas/movies database ^.^ which is the opposite in my case xp
rooomanoooma 16 Mar, 2014
awee interesting !!! we were born in the same year ^.+
nice 2 meet you aquariia =D