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addy1884 01 Oct, 2014
addy1884 10 Jul, 2014
sup =]
addy1884 06 Feb, 2013
haha eyy
addy1884 07 Jan, 2013
ey, recommend me a GREAT masterpiece martial arts movie =P i just watched ip man 1 and 2 and i LOVED THEM <3
they are so "realistic"i like the martial arts coreography so much!!
i wonder if u know of any others like that u know "realistic"ones =P
addy1884 11 Oct, 2012
our taste in movies is pretty similar..
i dont get how windstruck if in ur faves lol i really dont =P
i mean.. u have ajeossi <3 taegukgi!!!!! <3 71 into the fire.. a moment to remember and then... *windstruck* o0

=P i havent watched my sassy girl yet.. but i watched the american version with elisha cuthbert... and it was ok :S have u seen both? worth watching a remake?
addy1884 03 Oct, 2012
ur not watching faith?! or may queen xD or innocent man o0!?
addy1884 10 Sep, 2012
ey! thanks xD for the add
nihoneikitai 10 Nov, 2011
At the moment? I'm watching Aibou and Detective Conan. What about you?