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jeanne 24 Jul, 2012
وعليكم السلام
الحمد لله تمام أخبارك أنتِ؟ ^_^
علينا وعليكِ يارب تسلمي ^^
sara 23 Jul, 2012
hahaha i was the unnie of the people i know on the internet too, up until now :p
اي بدرس قانون فرنسي و انتي؟؟
sara 23 Jul, 2012
وانا 20 واخيييرا لقيت
unnie ههه
sara 23 Jul, 2012
اتشرفناااا و انا سارة ^^
how old r u ?
sara 23 Jul, 2012
Okey i got it^,^ when im with my sister we usually talk ..بلغة خليجية هههههه
^^يسلمووو حبيبي رمضان كريم علينا وعليكي وعلى جميع المسلمين
whats ur name btw?
sarangimnida 22 Jul, 2012
I'm packing my suitcase now, and doing things booking appointments for injections. I'm getting stressed out!

ELF often get accused of being a hateful fandom. I think that there's crazy fans in each fandom (like sasaengs) who give all the others a bad name.

"To me what really matters is that I can see the boys preforming and doing what they love!Seeing them standing on stage together is my happiness! :) " I couldn't have said it better myself. Although I want all of the members to be successful- to win awards, to sell records.... It's not really about that. Their health and happiness is what makes me happy. I do however want this to be their most popular album yet for Leeteuk's sake. I want him to go into the army proud of himself and this album.

The repackage is much better value for money. I was disappointed to see there are no extra songs on it though :(

My copy of the album arrived the other day. I haven't had any time to listen to it :( I got the photocard of all the members! I'm considering selling it online. Those are much rarer, and I'm trying to save money at the moment.
sara 18 Jul, 2012
just the fact that u're arabic make me happy enough to talk with u^^
انا اموووت على لغتكم بس ما افرق مبين لغات الخليج:(
sara 18 Jul, 2012
wow relly? i just love that fact! and we also share the same ultimate bias :)
yes i know how to talk arabic ^^ where r u from?