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sara 16 Jul, 2012
sarangimnida 14 Jul, 2012
Hope you're well~ Major computer trouble this week, so I've only been able to come online for a few minutes at a time > <

Sorry to hear that you're struggling money-wise. The only reason I could afford the album is because I knew that SJ would release an album this summer, so I had a little piggybank of money saved. I'm broke again myself now. But with a YesAsia shipment in the post, I regret nothing!!

I agree about the shirtless-ness feeling out of place. It's a sort of overused gimmick at this stage. Only a few members ever do it.. I doubt that most members like Heechul, Kyuhyun or Ryeowook would do that sort of thing.

You're right about 2 years being a long time in the charts. With over a hundred new groups debuting this year alone, it's hard for the Korean public to stay interested in a group that's been around for so many years.

I've watched all the comeback stages so far ^ ^ But did you see todays?
I couldn't believe that Sistar got the #1! The girls seemed more shocked than anyone. Poor Hyorin couldn't even make a speech. Her mouth was just hanging open! I didn't mind too much. Lovin U is the perfect summer track, and all the members are accomplished singers (aswell as being stunningly pretty).

Did you see that a version B of the new album's being released? SM must think fans are made of money *tear*
sarangimnida 03 Jul, 2012
His album is being released on the 29th of July. I might buy it before I go to China. I don't think I could wait a whole month to get it 0_0

Have you pre-ordered Sexy, Free & Single yet? I placed my order a few days ago, straight after I saw the teaser!

Tao was my original bias too! I thought he was beautiful in the What is Love MV. I really like Chen at the moment. He sounds like the sixth member of SHINee to me vocally. I always seem to like the members that are speaking in their second language too!
I haven't watched any of EXO-K's interviews... I don't even know where to start to be honest 0_0

Haha, being talkative is a great trait in my opinion :)

I loved Shindong's teaser the most. It's unfair to say he copied Bigbang. He has no say in the visuals or outfits that the company give him. Anyway, there are so many bands debuting in Korea that eventually concepts will start looking similar. It's getting more and more difficult to stand out.
Sungmin should do that girly look more often. He looked like the princess of a faraway land.
I was surprised to see that the company changed Siwon's looked so drastically for the teaser. The 'visual' members keep the same look almost the whole time. He looked great though!

I always wait to hear the song with the video so I shocked at how different the teaser sounded to the full track.
Siwon was shirtless again. Typical *rolls eyes*
Surprised to see how beautiful Leeteuk looked- shirtless. Good to see the company put a lot of effort into his look, and they gave him plenty of screentime.
Speaking of screentime, Shindong was in the video for less than five seconds. I wish that SM would start valuing ALL of Super Junior, and not just the lead vocalists or the 'visuals.'
I cried as soon as I saw Kangin. I'm so happy he's home again. His voice is as great as ever too!
Eunhyuk's dance moves were fantastic as always. He seems to glide across the screen.
Sungmin looked so fierce. It seems that he's been working out a lot. His arms were huge.

Heehee, I nearly went through every member. I'm still hyper from seeing it. The first performance will be very interesting. I loved the fierce, leather outfits and I hope they wear them on one of the stages.

And I couldn't believe Hangeng's MV came out the same day. What a great day to be an ELF. Initially, I was disappointed that the whole song is autotuned. But it grows on you.
The lyrics are breathtaking, and very obviously about his time under SM Entertainment. He even mentions 'lawsuits!' And the robot concept was freakishly well done, with interesting symbolism throughout.

Honestly speaking, I preferred Hangeng's video. He's taking a lot of risks, and trying out new genres. I wish Super Junior would do that more often. For example, it'd be great if they came back with a ballad as a first single.

Did you hear that the members intend to enlist in the army one at a time? I was upset when I heard that. The group will be missing members for years now. I'd almost prefer if they all went together. Heechul's been gone almost a year, and it's not like anyone's forgotten him since then!!

So apparent from all the fangirling, how are you?
I'm wrecked. I went to a movie premiere last night and I wasn't home until about three in the morning. And then I had to get up early today :/
sarangimnida 30 Jun, 2012
I think that Hangeng's second single 小丑面具 (Clown Mask) sounds a lot better to be honest. I can't wait to preorder his album!! I heard that he's bringing out a photobook at the same time to promote it. I got his last one (1221) and it was beautiful.

4Men are well-received and popular in Korea (their new song topped the OST charts this week), but very few foreign K-Pop fans know of them. It's such a pity. I think Shin Yong Jae has one of the best voices in Korea.

Rumour has it that Epik High will be making a comeback under YG Entertainment very soon :O

I'm not much of an K-idol fan either. I love a few groups and follow their activities. After that, I just pick out singles I like. Many groups are overrated in my opinion.... > <

Who's your bias in EXO? At first when they debuted, I was skeptical about their concept and wondered if I would like them at all. I really enjoy listening to EXO-M now. I can understand a lot of their lyrics xD

Woohoo! Just got my first opportunity to check out the promotional pictures for 'Sexy, Free & Single,' and the teaser. It looks like our boys are going to be releasing another hit! And the MV is out in only a few days :)))
sarangimnida 13 Jun, 2012
Sorry about the delayed response. I've got a few weeks of work but my hours are quite long so I haven't been online at all :( At least I'll have extra money for going to China now ^ ^

Did you see the preview for Han Geng's album yet? The teaser video was soooo cool. He's mentioned before that he wanted his new album to sound different, with more rock and jazz.... And the rock influence is quite obvious!

Thanks so much! ^ ^

It's been tough being a Super Junior fan for this long. I feel like I discovered them at their prime (just before the Sorry Sorry era began). But so much has changed since then....

Were you interested in K-Pop before SuJu, or were they your first K-band?

Let me know how you're getting on in Korean :P
sarangimnida 06 Jun, 2012
You mean Hangeng's duet MV ('the Best Future') that was just released? I was so happy to hear him singing again! His new album will probably be released at the end of next month and I'm super excited :DD I'm hoping to see him live in Beijing while I'm there too <33

I'm studying it in university. I try to speak it wherever possible, and watch as much Chinese-language television as possible ^ ^

Korean is considered to be VERY difficult to learn. I intend to learn some day... But one Asian language at a time is enough. Have you tried to learn? Their lessons are broken into small pieces of Korean and every episode comes with an audio file and PDF of the vocabulary. It's the best way I've found to learn so far. Before I found that website I tried to learn with just a Korean textbook but it was so difficult I just said to myself:

I used to listen to every episode of Sukira with Leeteuk and Eunhyuk. I would only understand about two or three words in the whole show, but it was still fun listening to it!

I first saw Super Junior's MV for Marry U... About five years ago maybe. I then became a proper ELF and K-Pop fan about four years ago.
sarangimnida 04 Jun, 2012
I find my bias list can change depending on the Music Videos released. Siwon was one of the members who caught my attention when I first saw Super Junior. He was for my ultimate bias for a long time, but recently I've been getting annoyed at him and his shirtless-ness at Super Shows ;) I think he makes other members self-conscious Hangeng is my bias now, he's one of the reasons I started to learn Chinese.

How long have you been an ELF? ^ ^
sarangimnida 02 Jun, 2012
A Shindong fan? And we have 18% compatibility? I had to leave you a comment!

Who are the three members ahead of Shindong in your Super Junior bias list?