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• Languages: German, French, English, Japanese, learning Chinese

• Japanese: JLPT N2 (2015)
• Chinese: TOCFL 3 (2017)
• First in Japan: May 2012
• First in Taiwan: August 2015

I was in Tokyo for 2 months in 2012 and went to a language school there. But my real love is Hokkaido. ♡ I was helping out at a farm there for over 5 weeks in summer 2013. And now I know why Japanese people like Hokkaido so much. I've also been there in summer in 2014 and 2015.

I also like Taiwan. It's so similar to Japan, yet completely different. From autumn 2016, I'll be there for a year to attend language classes.

• 1st: My Girl
• 30: Tatta Hitotsu no Koi
• 50: Triangle
• 85: Nankyoku Tairiku
• 100: Yasashii Jikan
• 130: Utsukushii Rinjin
• 150: Starman

• 1st: Secret Garden
• 5th: Brilliant Legacy
• 10: Reply 1997
• 15: Flower Boy next Door
• 20: I hear your voice

• 1st: Hana Kimi
• 5th: I Want To Become A Hard Persimmon
• 10: ToGetHer
• 15: The way we were
• 20: Moon River
• 30: ~


yokochan 19 Dec, 2013
Kein Problem =) ich freu mich ^.^
r0lan 15 Dec, 2013
I took Japanese for half a year for my University course, and I'm planning to complete the other half so I guess by the end of 2014, I'd have done 1 yrs worth of the Japanese language at uni haha :)

I love the part of Poke battling, but I agree with you; i hate when others use legendary to fight, to me it feels like they need to rely on them to win ! (i like to use Monster Pokemon and Grass types hehe :>)

KuroBas is pretty good, I like it. Worth the watch if you like sports anime.
Tho, Prince of Tennis would forever be my fav sports anime, and I think Yowamushi Pedal (cycling anime) comes in next haha
r0lan 14 Dec, 2013
Sorry for the late reply! /hahaaa/

Others tell me I have Poison safari, with Venipede, Ariados and Muk (i think it was Muk i dont remember).
I think I've already went through your safari hehe
Have you finished the game tho?
r0lan 11 Dec, 2013
I've added you :>
My FC: 5241-3267-5789
My Mii is called "N" and in the game I'm called "Rolan" :)

And hello! Nice to meet u and thnx for the add :')
I loooooove to battle so hit me up with some if u like. BTW i just read ur bio on MDL and wowwww 4 languages! :o
How long did it take for u to casually learn Japanese?
yokochan 14 Oct, 2013
Drama-Grüße, da ich gesehen habe das du deutsch geschrieben hast ^,^
dramaaddict 22 Jul, 2013
Naja, ich sag mal so, bei Krimi-Dorama hab ich manchmal so meine Probleme das Motiv oder den Tathergang ohne Subs zu kapieren xD Aber ich versuch's halt immer weiter, auch wenn ich nicht immer alles verstehe ;D

Ich finds echt gut! Es erinnert mich nur irgendwie sehr an Battle Royal oder Hunger Games. Aber ich frag mich auch wie das 10 Folgen gehen soll, irgendwo hab ich sogar gelesen es seien 12 Folgen o.O Wenigstens sind sie nur ne halbe Stunde lang^^
dramaaddict 14 Jul, 2013
Danke :)
Ich schau eigentlich neue Serien immer ohne Subs, erstens hab ich nie Lust extra lange auf Subs zu warten die es vielleicht nie geben wird und andererseits ist ohne Subs schauen eine tolle Übung fürs Hörverständnis^^
dramaaddict 14 Jul, 2013
Huhu, wo schaust du denn Limit? Ich hab schon alles abgesucht, aber ich finde einfach die erste Folge nicht und ich mag da unbedingt mal reinschauen ._.