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Recommend me your GREATEST movies/dramas

...IF we have similar tastes -.^


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otwen 03 Mar, 2016
Nice to see someone who appreciates Breathless too. Great movie!
bakaichi 19 Jan, 2016
aww thanks, you too~
miyuka 17 Jan, 2016
Hahaha. Thank you so much for your suggestions! It's not your fault that I easily get bored by most dramas..
miyuka 17 Jan, 2016
I watched 6-7 ep but it is not my style :c
celestical 10 Jan, 2016

Thanks for the message! I'm actually watching Answer Me 1988 right now (I'm at episode 16) and very thoroughly enjoying it. But I appreciate the recommendation anyways, seeing as I'm always looking out for more dramas to watch.

And I do think it's the best of the three, because the ensemble cast meshes well and the story is just that heartwarming. But it also closely relates to my own upbringing in some ways so maybe that's why as well.

I'd also trial Answer Me 1994 when you get a chance if you liked the other two. The romance (and husband guessing) is much stronger in 1994, but like the rest of the shows does the heartwarming family part just so well. But isn't that what makes these series so great?
miyuka 21 Sep, 2015
Haha. Please rec me good dramas. I'll be glad. Thank you!
miyuka 20 Sep, 2015
I've watched the first episode but I didn't really like it. .__.
miyuka 06 Sep, 2015
haha yes. nice to see someone with my taste.^^