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city hunter TV
the king two hearts TV
dakchigo: kkotminam band TV
inhyeonwanghuui namja TV
eungdaphara 1997 TV
byeoreseo on geudae TV
Lee Seung Gi person
So Ji Seop person
Kim Su Hyeon person
Yong Jun Hyeong person
Rain person
Krystal person
Oosaki Nana character
Himura Kenshin character
Inuyasha character
Cloud Strife character
Edward Elric character
Yato character


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13 Aug, 2019
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13 Aug, 2019
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13 Aug, 2019
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24 Aug, 2019

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Other favourites:

You're Beautiful
Master Sun
Always/Only You
Secretly Greatly
Boys Over Flower (although it gets on my nerves at times)
Personal Taste
Dream High


usiekawaii 26 Oct, 2015
*0* Nana ever!
I'm sorry for delay
usiekawaii 31 Aug, 2015
yeah, so much!!
you like Nana ??? *0*
usiekawaii 30 Aug, 2015
hi, i add you on my list.
kissuuu :**
rojoong 06 Feb, 2015
I'm sorry for the late reply D: The second semester started and i was kind of shocked by the amount of assignments D:

I see I see, I don't know if I can squeeze it into my schedule of watching stuff, because I'm so busy, but i don't think I will watch it, sorry D:

Ah yes, I thought it would be nothing for me, but I really really like GOT somehow ^-^ The action, storyline, characters, they're all very interesting, and the OST is beautiful as well! :)

Nope, I don't watch Sherlock. GOT is the only western TV show I watch :)
rojoong 31 Jan, 2015
Omg I sorry I don't know why I totally overlooked your message ;; A ;; mianheyo~~

I hope your work is finished by now?? ;; o ;;

And I looked up Peaky Blinders, but it's not really my kind of genre I'd usually watch ;; 0 ;; and whenever I'm not watching Japanese/Korean stuff I watch Game of Thrones ^-^ hehe, do you watch that btw? :)
luhcortes 29 Jan, 2015
Thank you! :D
luhcortes 28 Jan, 2015
Hi! Added you on my list ^^.
rojoong 27 Jan, 2015
Don't worry :> I'm late as well (usually ke~)

Ugh yeah yeah, those questions indeed... u___u oh the ignorance of some people, but well... u___u;; all we can do is patiently explain >3<

HAHAHA OMG xD South the communist. That person must live under a stone >___<;;

good luck with the painting ;; 3 ;; /

i don't have much to add this time. nothing really special happened :"D i've been reading drama, watching hello counselor and superman returns and some drama series, the usual~~
oh and i've done a great cleaning up at my place and decorated it differently i feel good about the result *3*