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alicedreams 30 Jun, 2013
Thanks! Faye Dunaway is beautiful!
sionsono 22 Nov, 2011
angi 12 Nov, 2011
Do you really want to know it??
If you know it then there will be no suprise anymore.

No sadly there is no happy ending for any gay couple. I also think it's kind of sad but therefore there are lot's of boys love movies.
But I also think that' It's sad that there are no lucky gay couples in non-BL dramas or movies.
angi 26 Oct, 2011
Yes I hope so too! ^-^

In my opinion the new Hana Kimi is very good but I also liked the old version! XD
Maybe just watch the first episode and if you don't like it, don't watch it anymore! >-<
Thought Shohei is playing it, that means some nice eye candy while watching.
And also some of the other actors are also really good looking. *-*
Ok... sorry, I am horrible when it comes to pretty boys! XD
Hope you don't mind! o-O Despite the eye candy I still ┬┤think the new version is really well done so give it a try! ^-^
angi 26 Oct, 2011
Yes I love him in the role of an Yankee but I also like him a lot as Nakatsu in Hana Kimi!
I didn't saw him in other roles jet, since he is playing a Yankee in Gokusen 3, Tumbling and Koizora! XD
Which ones did you watched with him?
angi 25 Oct, 2011
Yes it's Miura Shohei! ^-^
He looks so cute in that picture!! ^-^
Do you like him?
dauphin 02 Oct, 2011
Hello. I completely agree - Yohko just super!