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volkovices 07 Dec, 2014
Me too. Some friend said to me once that I liked one shots LOL Yeah, I do prefer movies :)
So, it took a while for me to answer because I tried to watch everything you recommended me and I really loved them. Starry Starry Night was my favorite so far. Beautiful scenery and photography. It was A+. Thanks! Secret That Cannot Be Told and Love 911 were also good and refreshing. I've watched Miss Granny recently and really liked too, so that's my recommendation for you ^^
volkovices 02 Oct, 2014
So, how are you? Are you watching something nice? You do watch a lot of movies, do you have some good one to rec me?
volkovices 02 Oct, 2014
Hey, listed you ^^ Love your profile picture :)
martofu 04 Aug, 2013
totally agree ;A;
martofu 03 Aug, 2013
a little too much ❤ ;u; I'm currently addicted to them XD
martofu 03 Aug, 2013
Omg EXO *3* <3333333333
yuukari 19 Apr, 2013
Thanks~ :3
yuukari 19 Apr, 2013
Hi~~ lovely pics of Tao *-* ♥
Listed you ^-^