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goguma 30 Mar, 2013
hi! :) I'd like to know more about the "inside stuff" as you wrote in the forum of kpop survival. You said you know some website, could you send me the link please? thanks a lot .)
smaclair 28 Feb, 2013
Sorry I took so long to respond, but I took your advice, and I LOVED it!!
gogukyou 27 Oct, 2012
U're very smart, eh? Goin trollin all way through. I say fuc* u & u're stupid ignorance.
dutchviola 21 Aug, 2012

I hope I'm not bothering you, but could you please tell me who this "K-Drama guru" is you were talking about in the Guess the Drama related to the drama Sin Don. You kind of made curious~_^

sionsono 17 Jul, 2012
Oh, lol! Deswegen sollte man Beschreibungen nicht lesen es sei denn sie sind nur 1 Satz lang siehe IMDb.

Ich beneide dich ├╝brigens. Ich sehe grad, dass du Sono's Meisterwerk Love Exposure noch nicht gesehen hast ? Oh boy...
sionsono 13 Jul, 2012
Jop, fand ihn schach. Zu sehr gehyped..
sionsono 13 Jul, 2012
whats up!
crystalyuy 09 Jun, 2012
Well, yeah, in my opinion at least.
Sympathy for Mr. Vengeance bored me to dead, after the first half (maybe a bit more) of the film, I gave up and fast forward till the end to see how it end. Doremifasolasido might not be the film of the year but at last it had keep me entertained till the end.